Publisher Discovery is LinkConnector’s strategic partner to help advertisers discover new publisher partnerships and affiliates. 


Key Points of the software:

LC Network Recommender:

  • The LC Network recommender is available FREE to all live advertisers in the LC Network tab
  • Analyzes all affiliates using AI/Machine Learning in our network by Relevance, Value and a Total Score
  • Use buttons to choose from categories
  • Use sliders to filter down to the most relevant new partners
  • View the affiliate status and reach out to recruit new affiliates via the network mailing system

Publisher Discovery:

  • Publisher Discovery finds and recommends affiliates across all major affiliate networks, by Vertical and Competitor analysis.
  • The platform pulls from a data pool of:
    • 3 million affiliate websites - all using affiliate links
    • 2.7 Billion links to…
    • 468,000 advertisers
  • AI/Machine Learning driven recommendations helps users to quickly identify the most relevant new affiliates:
    • Saves hours in identifying opportunities over search based options
    • By seeing which sites work with which advertisers, it gives more targeted recommendations
    • Recommendations available across over 80 market Verticals
    • See Social accounts and email addresses (via integration)
  • Gap Analysis against competitors:
    • View your competitors’ affiliate relationships
    • Compare your own affiliates against competitors
  • Sort by Traffic, Relevance, or number of partners they link to
  • Filter using sliders to home in on the ideal profile
  • Filter by Country(ies) or Region
  • Available as an upgrade via the app for self-managed advertisers

User Support

Publisher Discovery provides full support for users via:

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